The Director

Jolly Memorial Mission School (since 2000), has made a pioneering contribution to furthering knowledge and understanding, as well as helping hundreds of students in achieving their true potential. While the schools have evolved greatly in many aspects, our fundamental purpose remains the same –


and to benefit society through the advancement of knowledge. In that sense, this campaign is about much more than just being mere schools.

I am confident that with the support of our entire community of staff, students, alumni, and friends, we will see JMMS become an even stronger institution in the years to come. It has been my pure pleasure and privilege to be able to guide the development of JMMS to become an amazing school we have today. Founded on principles and values that are universal to all the great faiths.

“Whatever we have achieved may be immense and encouraging,

Whatever we plan to attain will be stunning and outstanding.”

 A world of learning and experiences await you within our school.

Welcome to Jolly Memorial Mission School, Ujjain! Welcome to the future.

Director - Mr. Rennie Chacko